Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Micro Review- Letting The World Know Why They Should Leave Alien3 Alone.

The most underrated movie (ever?) in a franchise.
I love the intro to this film mainly because it gets rid of the annoying characters from the equally annoying 'Aliens'.
There, I said it.
Not only that, it creates some instant conflict for Ripley, who's been completely heartbroken and this amplifies the drama tenfold.
We empathise with her immediately, and this is GOOD SCREENWRITING.
The intro, to me, is the best part of the entire film, as the rest is very slow and plodding and full of darkly lit rooms with not much going on inside them other than talking.
It's obvious this was early Fincher (the earliest in fact), as we get quite a few amateurish problems in the production and development of characters.
That being said, the themes and ideas expressed throughout the film are reason enough to keep watching, there's no overly- silly action and "comedy" scenes in this film, unlike a certain other movie in this franchise that may or may not have come before this one.
This feels like a franchise going back to its roots, ditching the silliness of Aliens and going back to what made Alien so great to begin with; tension, characters and horror.
And since this IS David Fincher, we definitely get some great building tension and creeping horror, along with some of the most haunting visuals from any of the six (so far) Alien movies.
It really is a shame that the whining fanboys can't recognise how great the first scene really is, and of course, how good the rest of the film is compared to what they think it is.
This is a well made thriller/drama and a mediocre horror movie at best, but signs of the growing Fincher's talents are there for everyone to see.

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